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City of Napa 175th Anniversary

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, June 11

This is an article about celebrations and fun. But first, it needs a little history to put it in context.

Nathan Coombs left Massachusetts for Oregon in 1842. He moved to California a year later. In 1846, he joined the Bear Flag revolt, fighting a group of Spaniards who were intent on taking over the settlements here. Some say it was called the Bear Flag revolt because of the emblem on the flag. Others said it was because the ragtag group looked so scruffy. In any case, the Spaniards were driven away and Coombs returned home. He had been buying parcels of land in and around what is now Napa, and bought more upon returning. Intending to spend the rest of his life here, in 1847 he drew up the map of Napa.

That means that 2022 marks the 175th Anniversary of the City of Napa, and that is the reason to celebrate. Napa has gone from being the city that visitors passed by on their way to the “Napa Valley,” without even knowing that there was a City of Napa, to being their number one destination, as well as the economic engine of the valley.

We’re a community that, in its recent history, has been forged by floods, fires, earthquakes, the threat of droughts, and of course, a pandemic.

Look for two celebratory events this summer, both organized by the Downtown Napa Association. First, “The Table” will feature dinner for 300, at a long table on First Street, on June 11. The ticketed event will begin with rooftop hors d’oeuvres at Sky & Vine atop Archer Hotel, followed by dinner, and concluding with brandy and cigars or chocolates and bubbly at several locations. The $200 tickets will go on sale in April. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Napa Food Bank.

Saturday, September 10, Napa will celebrate “Saturday in the Park” at the Oxbow Commons. The family-oriented festivities will include “retro” games, like three-legged races, apple bobbing and hula hoop contests. There will be plenty of food and other activities. Music and the dancing will start later in the afternoon. This event is free and open to the public.

Here are three special Napa Anniversaries:

Greenhaus Day Spa (1992) - 30 Years

Greenhaus Day Spa opened before the internet, emails or cell phones were mainstream. The year they opened, “Silence of the Lambs” won the Oscar for Best Picture and “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men was the best song of the year.

“We’ve always been a place to relax and get away,” said owner Julie Meyers. Greenhaus specializes in massage, skin care and nails. Although they’ve made changes over the years, their core values were well received in 1992, and they are in place today. “Greenhaus is a small, family-owned business, a non-pretentious place for spa services.

First Christian Church (1857) - 165 Years

Early historians report that the church began on Browns Valley Road, “in a school on the west side of the road by the creek.” In 1872 they moved to Pearl and Randolph, building a church at the location, which has now been demolished and rebuilt as the American Legion Hall. In 1950, construction began on their First Street location, where the church has been since. The current purpose statement is – “To live in God’s Grace, so that everyone can experience God’s Love.” Pastor Allen Gallaway has been with the church since 1999, acting as Senior Pastor since 2007. Parishioners agree that one of the things that makes them unique is that they have always had a real heart for the people.

Kiwanis Club of Napa (1922 ) - 100 Years

Since 1922, the Kiwanis Club of Napa has been one of the key ‘go to’ organizations for groups and individuals needing help. Distinguished by their intense ‘hands on’ approach to community service, this club has installed 22 children’s playgrounds throughout Napa County. Annually, the club contributes $20,000+ for local scholarships, and works closely with the high school Key Clubs. Their 100+ members include men and women from all walks of life - elected officials, professionals, and others sincerely interested in providing effective service to children and youth in Napa County.

Is your service club, church or business celebrating an anniversary that ends in “0” or “5,” or is at least 25 years old?'

If so, we want to know about it and share it with the whole community. Please contact Craig Smith at, or call 257-0322 with details of your event. Let’s make sure you are in the party.

Here’s the list of all the anniversaries we have so far:

Napa Noodle 5

Trade Brewing 5

Back Room Wines 10

Visit Napa Valley 10

The Inn on First 15

Angele Restaurant & Bar 20

Antiques On Second 20

Vintner’s Collective 20

Napa Valley Marketplace 25

Vintage Sweet Shoppe 25

Downtown Joe’s 28

Anette’s Chocolate 30

Greenhaus Day Spa 30

Napa Valley Wine Train 33

Housley Napa Valley 45

OLE Health 50

Napa Jr. Girls Softball League 55

Pepperette Baton & Dance Club 70

Kiwanis Club of Napa 100

First Christian Church of Napa 165

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