“The Downtown Napa Association hosts 4 outdoor events every year. Most people tell us that they get their information from the Marketplace, so that’s where we advertise. Judging from the size of the crowds that attend our events, we’re making the right call.”­
— Craig Smith, Napa Downtown Association


“We know the Marketplace works. Every time we place an ad in the Napa Valley Marketplace… customers come through our door ready to buy.”
— Janice Clifton, Abbey Carpets Unlimited


“You want to reach and read about locals? Marketplace Magazine is THE BEST place! How do I know? I read the magazine every month. I receive it in the mail. I write for them. I save them. I appreciate the magazine’s support of education in our community. I track results and Marketplace works. Marketplace Magazine is where locals are represented and highlighted."
— Carolynne Gamble, Consultant/Arts & Education Advocate

"Our friends and family look forward to receiving Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine. 

They love reading the articles you have and look forward to our coupons. Since using your magazine for our advertising, we have increased in sales by double digits! We continue to increase in sales and we believe your Magazine has been the main reason for our success.  Thank you!" 

— Annette Knight, A & W St. Helena 

"On another subject...today was Napa Live and 5 different people came in and let me know they had read the article about the store and thought it was great." 

— Peggy Owens Erridge, Beaded Nomad, Napa


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