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About the magazine.

Twenty-seven years ago we published the first issue of Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine. 

We started with the idea of a community-wide publication. We gathered a few focus groups and asked what they would like to see in the magazine. First, were the advertisers. They wanted everyone to see their messages and reach all of the locals. Readers wanted to see themselves, their friends and neighbors, kids and pets! 36,000 print copies mailed to Napa homes and businesses and available in American Canyon, Yountville, and St. Helena.

Our mission is commitment to community - highlighting the amazing people, history, 

organizations and businesses that make living and working here so special.

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine is proud to be the sponsor of many events and organizations in our community.  We are pleased to be an intricate part of the community of the Napa Valley.  We thank you, our readers, our advertisers, and all of our partners. 



Always Napa Valley’s Community Magazine

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