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Home is where the heart is. That saying is more than an overused phrase. It’s true. Who doesn’t feel that sigh of relief when you get home after a long day at the office, or playing taxi driver to the soccer team, or whatever your busy day entails? Your home should provide you with a sense of comfort and joy. The design and decor elements of your living space are the foundation which makes your house a home.

If you are building a new home, or if you have a remodel job in mind––outdated kitchens and bathrooms, creaky floors and old carpets––this should be a lot of fun. But we all know it could be stress on steroids. You will have challenges and opportunities which a design professional can help you identify, remedy and/or enhance, while you create a home that flows with unity and harmony.

Whatever your style: Modern, Traditional, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Rustic, the list goes on and on . . . a design professional can help you create a feeling of comfort we all crave by implementing elements of good design. If your job is from the baseboards to the roof, or a quick freshening up of the home you already own, there are a multitude of local professionals and suppliers to guide you through the process as you make your dream home a reality.

This winter has been particularly dreary and wet; we could all use a little inspiration. Close your eyes (not really, keep reading!) and imagine you’re walking to the front door of your dream home. What do you see? Are the pavers leading you to the front door? As the door opens, does the atmosphere call to you? “Come in, relax, welcome home.” Wouldn’t you like your home to welcome you? That happens with good design.

Let’s start in the kitchen and bath. The experts at Design Showcase, on California Boulevard, have been serving the building and remodel needs of locals since 1986. Cathy Reat bought the business in 2006. She has been working with her crew ever since, designing attractive, comfortable living environments for her clients.

Their process is simple and effective, “We spend time in our showroom discussing your budget, product options, and design goals. We have all the components for your project in one place, which saves time and money.” They use only the finest materials. Quality products are equally as important as the visual aspect of their projects.

The retail showroom has a wide selection of stone, tile, plumbing and countertop options. The selection of kitchen cabinetry and countertops are much more extensive than one might imagine. Cathy shared current design trends, “White kitchens are still the most popular, but as contemporary styles are taking a lead, we find that laminate slab style doors are gaining popularity. Quartz countertops are more requested over granite tops, from 10 years ago. Large format tiles are the best sellers even 18” x 36” for floors or shower walls. Burnished gold accents in hardware, black shower doors or black faucets. Raw wood combined with modern finishes is a popular choice.”

One way to create visual drama in your living space is with LED lighting. Brighten any space with functional, practical options, especially in the bathroom, in closets, or the insides of cabinets and drawers. Recessed puck lights or ribbon lights illuminate dark corners, and eliminate shadows. Integrating side lighting around bathroom mirrors reduces harsh contrasts and shadows light levels adjust––high intensity for personal grooming or low level mood lighting for visitors. Floating vanity––a unit which seems to hover above the floor––when lit from below, gives a fresh, open look to the room and the impression of a larger space.

The Design Showcase staff is well-versed and knowledgeable of the services and products in stock and what’s available for order. “We offer a complete kitchen and bath design concept. For a person looking to update their kitchen, office, or bath, we focus on the elements of color, material, texture and theme to match your lifestyle, scope, and budget.” Visit

For carpets, or other flooring or tile needs, don’t forget Abbey Carpets Unlimited on Jordan Lane, or the newest option in town, Harry’s Carpets on Third Street. Both locations will be happy to assist you and provide advice for your home project.

Once your building or remodel project is finished––it’s almost time to relax and enjoy your new space––but first, you’ll need to choose some new furniture to fashion a comfortable ambience. That’s where Louis Salem, with Furniture 4 Less, comes in. Louis has been serving our community for over twenty-seven years, in eight locations across town. His motto is, “There are no ‘customers’ at Furniture 4 Less, people who enter become friends and family.”

Whether you are furnishing a small studio or an estate fit for a king, they can outfit every room in the home: sectionals, sofas, dining tables and dish cabinets, recliners, entertainment center, beds, tables, and lamps. You will see many accent items for the walls and interesting floor pieces for those with a little extra character.

If you prefer the smooth feel of cherry wood or prefer the rustic impact of distressed wood, their eclectic stock of items ensures you will find something just right for you. Louis has many suppliers from which to select your choice and style. Inventory at the Main Street storefront is the largest in town, with quality furniture to fit your design concept and budget. Visit them at 1326 Main Street.

Home design doesn’t stop indoors. Let’s take a peek into the backyard . . . If you’re looking to design an outdoor area from scratch, or overhauling an existing space, JBL Hardscapes will assist you with landscape architecture such as: driveways, paths or retaining walls, BBQ islands, or even create an artistic contrast to vegetation. Serving Napa, Sacramento, Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. Visit

For the do-it-yourselfer, Adobe Lumber on South Junction Road in American Canyon is a great place to shop for all your building supplies. Decking materials available are made of natural wood or composite products. You will also find siding, fencing, railing, pergolas and more. For more information visit

In the meantime, as winter makes way for spring, old makes way for new, make the most of your home––where the heart is!

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