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Napa Lighted Art Festival Art After Dark

January 12-20, 2019

Monday-Thursday, 6-9pm | Friday-Sunday, 6-10pm

See Napa in a different light!

For festival map and more information:

Light will become art at the 2nd Annual Napa Lighted Art Festival in a world-class public exhibition, occurring January 12-20. Various displays of projection mapping, interactive lighted sculptures and glowing installations will light up the night at approximately one dozen sites throughout Downtown Napa and the Oxbow District. In its second year, the nine-day festival is adding programs and activities to complement the art installations, such as the community Lantern Parade and the Symposium Series.

“You know your place in the universe when you go beyond and look back,” said Josh Fisher of his symposium session at the Napa Lighted Arts Festival. Dr. Fisher, Science Lead for the ECOSTRESS Mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will be speaking about using art to explain science. New to the festival, the Symposium Series presents a series of daytime and evening discussions about art, light, the technology of projected art, stained glass, and food. The Symposium Series is free and hosted at various locations in Downtown Napa. To sign up, visit Eventbrite and search keywords: Napa Lighted Art Festival.

Beyond, this year’s festival theme, embodies and explores concepts that are outside our physical limits, surpassing our imagination or demonstration something that is greater or apart from us. The festival provides a variety of opportunities for participants to share their experience with others and nurture a deeper understanding about the relationship between light, art and beyond.


Lantern Parade Friday, January 18 | 6:30pm Veterans Park

In this free and public participatory event, everyone can be a part of “Art After Dark”! This illuminating parade will start and finish at Veteran’s Park, weaving through the festival’s art installations in downtown Napa. All ages are encouraged to make their own lanterns and bring them to the parade to show off as the parade is accompanied by percussion instruments, dancers, and more!

Night Bloom Saturday, January 12 & 19 | 7pm

Sunday, January 13 & 20 | 7pm Oxbow Commons (Weather Permitting)

Presented by Napa Valley Balloons and Feast It Forward, several hot air balloons will be tethered to the ground and light up the night. You won’t want to miss this sight!

Art After Dark with RAD

Tour the latest Rails Art District (RAD) murals at night! Take a short stroll or bike ride along the Vine Trail between Vallejo Street & Jackson Street to see their 7 murals glow in the dark.

Constellation Light Sculpture The Village at Vista Collina Resort

The Village Lawn will be transformed beyond ordinary into a space that sparkles. This stunning installation is further enhanced by wine and beer tastings from The Village’s 9 tasting rooms, as well as free shuttle service from downtown Napa. Sit and stay awhile in cozy chairs underneath this LED sculpture by Oakland-based sculptor, Christopher Schardt, to marvel in its curious beauty.


Luke Jerram, Bristol, UK Museum of Moon | Presented by the Culinary Institute of America

Have you ever wondered about the dark side of the moon? This art installation at the CIA at Copia will provide a rare opportunity for visitors to orbit the moon without leaving the ground! Artist Jerram was inspired to create this piece while living in Bristol and noticing the huge tidal variations. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimeter of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface.

Birgit Zander and Daniel Bandke, Berlin, Germany

Language of Love | Presented by PG&E

Returning to the festival as last year’s People’s Choice selection at First Presbyterian Church, Zander intends to create a symbol for the great importance of love and human connection from different cultures. In his words, “Light is life, light is energy, light speaks all languages and connects people.”

Ross Ashton & Karen Monid, London, UK

Horizon | Presented by Ordered Universe

This visual and audio installation at the Goodman Library will be thought provoking, moving and exhilarating. Since ancient times, knowing where we are on the surface of the earth and the earth’s place in the universe has fascinated mathematicians and astronomers across the globe. The artwork will discuss this journey of being able to see beyond the horizon, from ancient times to present day.

mammasONica, Catania, Italy

Kinote | Presented by JaM Cellars

Kinote explores a journey beyond cinematic abstractions, where visual music reveals through orchestration. Harmonics and temperament meet the chromatic language, unfolding the patterns of a motion painting and thus opening a synesthetic dialogue with the surface, where the simplicity of nature contrasts the vibrancy of the city.

Hyperbinary, Rajecko, Czech Republic

Triton Genos | Presented by Channel Properties

This piece at The Riverfront is inspired by The Khora, philosophical term described by Plato in Timaeus as a receptacle, space, or an interval. Plato describes The Khora as the third kind (triton genos) outside of Being and Becoming, thus beyond language, before the existence of time, as if in a dream.

Deanna Marsh, Auburn, CA

Find Me Somebody to Love | Presented by the Culinary Institute of America

This interactive artwork at the CIA is a playful reminder to viewers of the importance of spontaneous encounters, uplifting exchanges, friendly smiles and the promise of possibility! It encourages us to look beyond our differences and believe everyone is capable of loving and reaching out.

Jeffery Yip, Oakland, CA

Rabbit Hole | Presented by the Vintner’s Collective

A tessellated array of pyramids in a spiral formation, synthesized sounds unite with light and bring life to this transdimensional space. Rabbit Hole invites viewers to imagine an unfamiliar beyond our everyday lives.

Marpi, San Francisco, CA

Aquarium | Presented by Napa River Inn/Historic Napa Mill

This artwork is inspired by the beauty of underwater evolution, including mesmerizing lionfish, mysterious lefty sea dragon and the hypnotizing powers of cuttlefish. This interactive piece goes beyond the aquarium by showing the view from a pet fish perspective and how it might feel when a huge alien creature tries to communicate and play with you.

New Tech High School Students, Napa, CA

Beyond Imagination | Presented by Adobe

This art installation at the Native Sons Hall was created by students at New Tech High School as a semester project. The students have been mentored by British projection artist Ross Ashton via monthly Skype sessions. Ashton provided technical and artistic advice so they can successfully take computer animation to the big screen at the Native Sons building.

David Sullivan, New Orleans, LA

Sound Bank | Presented by JOSS Realty

Going beyond our understanding of music, Sound Bank turns the Napa Square building into a giant musical instrument played by pedestrians on the sidewalk triggering sounds and colorful motion on the building facade. People can work together to create their own sidewalk samba.

Brian Bush, Montreal, Canada

The Anti-Spectacle | Presented by First Street Napa

The Anti-Spectacle is a large lighted sculpture at First Street Napa containing approximately 100 anodized aluminum cubes, each cradling a LED bulb. Elements of this piece are precisely aligned to create visual effects that stretch the viewer’s perception of the piece beyond our traditional visual field.


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