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Giving Back Locally Can Mean the Most

Giving back is much more than a random act of kindness in Napa County. For many locals it is also a big part of their lives! While there are plenty of ways daily to pay it forward, help others and volunteer, there are also a number of service clubs and organizations with missions that range from helping children, the elders and those that are ill, to supporting education, building playgrounds for kids, and even providing humanitarian service to help build goodwill and further worldwide peace.

At this time of year, when it is a tradition to give thanks, keep in mind that the holidays are right around the corner. While it is a time of celebration, this is also a time to give back. In addition to giving back, a benefit of being a service club member, is the opportunity to meet other people and establish lifelong friendships. After working side-by-side with others, on projects such as planning major fundraisers, serving buckets of crab at a crab feed or staging Napa’s hometown Fourth of July parade, team members get to know each other very well. Here are some of the Napa County service organizations in which locals are, and can become, involved:

100 Women Who Care about Napa County

Founded 2014, 100 Women Who Care about Napa County was founded to make it easy, yet impactful, for women to give back to the community. Members are varied, and while individually it may be difficult to make a big impact, when 100 women get together the contribution quickly becomes huge! The group holds four, one-hour meetings per year, and each member pledges $100 per meeting ($400 per year) to support a local non-profit that serves women, children and families in Napa County.

100 Men Who Give a Damn about Napa County

Soon after the 100 Women organization took off, the guys got in the game and modeled their organization, 100 Men Who Give a Damn, after 100 Women Who Care. Same format, same financial pledge of $100 per meeting four times per year.

Active 20-30 Club of Napa #57

For years the Active 20-30 Club of Napa #57 has engaged young adults in their ‘20s and ‘30s creating social events and networking. The mission of the club, which meets a couple of times per month, is to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth throughout Napa County. or

Calistoga Lions Club

The Calistoga Lions Club meets the third Thursday of the month beginning at 6 p.m. in the Tucker Room at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga. (707) 942-6400

Calistoga Rotary Club

Calistoga Rotary Club meets every Thursday at noon in the Tucker Room at the Napa County Fairgrounds, 1435 N. Oak Street.

Kiwanis (American Canyon, Gateway)

American Canyon Kiwanis meets in the evening once per month, at the DoubleTree Hotel in American Canyon. They raise money for programs locally and nationally. Some of the local programs include a school food drive, food pantry support, Boy Scouts food drives and an annual crab feed.

Kiwanis Club (Napa – morning)

Kiwanis Club of Greater Napa meets early Wednesday mornings at Downtown Joe’s in Napa. This group participates in a variety of projects throughout the year that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide. Supported programs include Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind, Shop with a Cop, holiday bell ringing, Hope Center and college scholarships.

Kiwanis Club (Napa – noon)

The Kiwanis Club of Napa was founded in 1922. This robust group meets Thursdays at noon at the Elks Lodge, in Napa. A mission of the Kiwanis Club of Napa is to give back through community service. Historically they have focused on the environment, conservation, public and business affairs and community safety. Additionally, they are known for their playground projects and have rebuilt more than 48 local playgrounds.

Kiwanis (St. Helena)

The Kiwanis Club of St. Helena meets every Wednesday morning at the American Legion Hall in St. Helena. Because this club is in St. Helena, the focus is upon serving the community, as well as creating the benefits of fellowship and support. Because St. Helena is a special, small community, with charm and historic ambiance, club members feel as if they are more a “part” of the town when serving the community through Kiwanis.

Kiwanis (Yountville)

Yountville Kiwanis Club is small, but mighty, with less than 30 members. The Kiwanis Club of Yountville is dedicated to the youth of Yountville, including continuing education. Scholarships are in place to demonstrate commitment to the career goals of local high school graduates. kiwanisyountvi