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2nd Annual Be Kind Napa - Kindness Day Walk & Celebration Saturday, Aug. 18 at 9:30am

Kindness is in season. This is never a false statement, however, here in Napa Valley, summer is the time to really celebrate this invaluable quality. August 18 marks the 2nd Annual Kindness Day celebration in Yountville. Once again, led by sisters Talulah (11) and Ruby (8) Finkelstein, it will be a day spotlighting the power of kindness to strengthen community. Through speaking engagements at schools across the country, the gifting of their iconic “Be Kind” buttons, and the founding of a local group called The Kindness Kids, these girls have been busy shining the light on the importance of kindness.

There’s no cost to attend and participate in this year’s event. Bring a sign highlighting kindness and gather at the Yountville Community Center (6516 Washington Street) on Saturday, August 18 at 9:30am. Participants will walk through town to nearby Napa Valley Museum where they’ll be met by musicians, sweet treats, art projects, and speakers focused on compassion and benevolence.

The inspiration for this movement came from Finkelstein family friend, Laurie Phillips, of New York City who noticed that many of her fellow Manhattanites travel the city in a self-imposed isolation. As a way to connect, she made the “Be Kind” buttons and would wear them while out and about. Anytime someone would compliment her button, she would take it off and gift it to that person. A friendly conversation would start naturally and smiles would ensue. On a recent trip to visit Laurie, the girls recognized the power of these interactions to create happiness and personal connections and felt that they should bring the practice back home to Napa Valley.

Since bringing the buttons and their message (now printed in English and Spanish) back home, they have fanned out across Napa Valley, worn by people of all ages, ethnicities, orientations and employment statuses. The Be Kind Napa movement has no political, religious or business connections. The sole goal is to foster warmth, consideration and neighborliness in our community and beyond. Simply – Be Kind.

For more information visit Facebook: Be Kind Napa

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