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The Power of Public Art - The Soul of the City

By Carolynne Gamble, MFA

Purpose and Vision

Public art challenges our senses and brings joy to our lives. It ignites our imagination and interest in fresh new ways, and gives us a chance to consider our city from a new perspective. It educates and inspires. It highlights beauty and innovation.

Public art is located in a space where residents and visitors can view and enjoy it. It has the power to reach more viewers because it is located in the path of our everyday lives. 

Public art may illustrate history and tell a story. It welcomes tourists to our community and invites them to feel connected. It unifies. It summons reflection and celebrates our beautiful Napa Valley.   

The Stage is Set. Now Prepare for the Impact!

Local visual artists are invited to submit a proposal to create a monumental mural to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF). The challenge is to design and paint a mural for the Sato Family Nonprofit Center in Napa, a hub for various nonprofit organizations.  

The mural must reflect the Foundation’s mission and values, plus celebrate community spirit and the generosity and resilience of Napa Valley.  

This is a competition, and the commissioned artist must fulfill specific project goals.  

Public Art Mural Selection Criteria 

  Visual Gateway: Create a striking visual entry point to the Napa Valley Community Foundation building, which illustrates the essence oftheir mission.

•  Universal Accessibility: Design a mural that resonates with all ages, and reflects the welcoming and expansive agency vision: “A thriving, inclusive, equitable Napa Valley where collective generosity propels community-wide prosperity, resilience, and wellbeing.”

•  Community Representation: Illustrate the vitality and diversity of Napa Valley.

•  Celebratory and Inspirational: Ensure the artwork celebrates NVCF’s three decades of impact, inspiring continued generosity, and involvement in community well-being.

•  Unique and Unexpected: Create a work of art that does not rely on the usual icons of wine country and still conveys a strong sense of place.

Artist Reward

The selected artist receives $15,000 to design and paint the artwork. The commissioned artist(s) will be reimbursed for materials, equipment rental, and permit costs.


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