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Save the date. Actually, save two of them…

You’ll want to save both of these: June 10th is the date of what now looks like the annual Napa Table event – a chance to sit down for dinner with 400 people, at one long table in the middle of First Street in Downtown Napa. The second date is April 1st at Noon – that’s when tickets for the event go on sale. That date is important – last year, tickets sold out in one day.

Last year’s Table was held in celebration of Napa’s 175th anniversary. It was intended as a one-off (well, it could have been scheduled again for the 200th anniversary) but it turned out to be possibly the most well received event ever held in Downtown. The evening began with two receptions, one at Mia Carta and the other at Sky & Vine, with hors d’oeuvres from Hog Island Oysters, Bounty Hunter, Eiko’s, Contimo and Oenotri, along with dozens of wines. Dinner started with gazpacho from Grace’s Table, followed by a Wedge salad from Cole’s Chop House, then the main course of Paella from ZuZu served alongside grilled vegetables from Norman Rose/Azzurro Pizzeria, accompanied with fresh bread from The Model Bakery. All of it was served with a seemingly unlimited supply of great wines.

And for dessert? Diners enjoyed generous samplings from Monday Bakery, Sweetie Pies, Anette’s Chocolates and Vintage Sweet Shoppe at four different locations – Acumen Wines, California Brandy House, Buena Vista Wines and Arbaretum. If you left either hungry or thirsty, it was on you.

For the organizers, the event had a few behind the scenes hiccups that are unavoidable for a first-time event, but no one seemed to either notice or mind. The only comments that were heard were “You have to do this event again next year.” Call it “a celebration of Napa’s 176th anniversary,” but it is definitely an affair not to miss. Again, mark your calendar.

And don’t forget to circle Noon, April 1st, which is the date and time the tickets will go on sale at Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one.

This year’s menu is still in development, but you’ll be able to preview it before buying tickets. So far though, it looks scrumptious. If you were disappointed not to get tickets last year, don’t let it happen again!


The Napa Table | Saturday, June 10th | Tickets on Sale April 1, 2023



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