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New Year! New You! Ready to push the easy button for better health?

By Sarah Goff,

Certified Health Coach

Over half of New Year’s resolutions fall into the category of health and wellness. “I’ll lose 20 pounds,” “I’ll run a marathon,” “I’ll find happiness.” We have the highest of hopes that we will persevere and we think, “This year I’m going to nail it!”

We start out with the best of intentions because a New Year means a fresh start to a New You. By January 7, 25% of us have failed to keep our resolutions. By February, that number rises to 80%. The challenge comes because we want big change fast, when our only focus is on the end result, the expectation becomes overwhelming and we easily doubt our ability. We still want to feel better, but we criticize ourselves for the time it takes to create the change. Too often we get frustrated and return to old patterns because knowledge does not equal change.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had your own personal cheerleader, who was also an expert?

A health coach is like a personal trainer for your diet and lifestyle goals with extensive knowledge of health, wellness, and habit change. Maybe you want to eat better, but you are confused about what to eat; maybe it’s challenging to find the time to exercise. This is where a health coach will design a system of small steps that will reach your goal. With many small steps, many victories are won, motivation endures and habits are created.

Habits make your life easier. Think of any of the things that you do habitually, brush your teeth before bed or drive the same route to work everyday. When we create habits, we no longer need to think about ‘doing’ the action. Creating good habits allows our brain more space for new challenges, more passion, more ‘Me Time.’

Imagine how it would feel when next year at this time you did nail it! You nailed it because you had a simple system to turn your goal into a habit. You had expert advice when you got stuck, and a cheerleader to motivate when you felt challenged. You had consistent accountability to stay the course and someone to celebrate even the smallest of wins. This powerful combination of consistency and acknowledgment, no matter how small the progress, is how true habit change sustains.

Sarah Goff has spent the last 20 years cooking and teaching culinary around the Valley. She is a 4th generation Napa farmer and fully connected to the farm to table movement for impeccable nutrition, the prosperity of the farmer and the stewardship of the land. Sarah is a certified health coach and master of habit change; she finds nothing more satisfying than taking a food first approach to mental and physical health, wellness and vitality. For more information about how Sarah can support you and your goals, please visit


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