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E & M Presents Brings Two Summer Shows for Families of All Ages

The Okee Dokee Brothers

“Science is for everyone,” declares David Epley, whose on-stage persona as Doktor Kaboom has riveted young audiences for more than 20 years.

On June 17, Epley brings the very first interactive show he created for touring called “Look Out, Science is Coming.” Performances take place at 1pm and 3pm at the Napa Valley College Performing Arts Center.

The mythical character Epley inhabits is an over-the-top German physicist with a passion for science that knows no bounds. Sporting peroxide-spiked hair, chrome goggles, orange lab coat and motorcycle boots, Kaboom captivates audiences with his hilarious series of increasingly spectacular and (often) successful demonstrations of the physical sciences including homage to Mister Wizard.

Epley is a father of two and hails from Seattle. He discovered his true calling as actor and comedian after exploring professions such as: research physicist; biomedical engineer; mathematician; astrophysicist; chemical engineer and marine biologist.

What stuck was his passion for science and an uncanny, natural ability to blend science with theater and humor. Epley describes his career as “The most fulfilling work of my life – teaching, inspiring, empowering the minds of our youth and reminding their parents to be an active part of the equation.”

“If you apply yourself, over time, you can do science,” Epley said. “It’s not a mystery, but it does take effort, but that’s not hard, that’s just work, that’s just life.”

It’s taken more than three years of trying for E & M Presents to finally bring the popular duo, The Okee Dokee Brothers, to the Napa Valley.

On Sunday, July 2, the five-time Parents’ Choice Award and Grammy-winners will, at last, play the Yountville Community Center with shows at 1pm and 3:30pm.

As childhood friends growing up in Denver, CO, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing whiled away their days exploring the outdoors. Whether it was rafting down their neighborhood creek or discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains, Joe and Justin were born adventurers. They inject this passion for the outdoors into the heart of their special brand of Americana folk music.

The “brothers” record and perform family music hoping to inspire children and their parents to step outside and get creative. Through their six albums and two books, they encourage kids to gain greater respect for the natural world, their communities and themselves by celebrating and enjoying nature.

The Okee’s accomplishments have garnered praise from NPR’s “All Things Considered” and “USA Today” and have been lauded as two of family music’s best songwriters.

“Joe and Justin are an absolute national treasure,” wrote Minnesota’s Parent Magazine. “These songs are just what the world needs right now.”

The Okee’s music is always fun and often goofy. Here’s a sampling of lyrics from their 2013 Grammy-winning album, “Can You Canoe?”

Rosita the skeeta Ain’t no skeeta sweeta

But she’s a man eata Rosita the Bug

I tried keeping her away with bug spray galore But she kept on coming back for more So now I’m covered from head to toe With kisses from a mosquito.

Do I itch the scratch or scratch the itch

I never can tell which one’s which

But I think I’d be doin’ fine If I could take a bath in calamine | TICKETS 707.224.4553


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