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DAR - Remember Our Fallen Men

By Carol Cavagnaro

The Daughters of the American Revolution is a national organization formed by women in 1890, to keep the memory of the wars, the patriots and the service needed to support our country when in crisis. Our goal is to educate and keep the public eye on those historic deeds by our military and to also provide service to our active servicemen and veterans.

On March 29, 1973, the United States formally pulled out of Vietnam. 58,220 men from America had lost their lives. Young men, never to tell their own story or to live their lives. Of those men, twenty-eight were from Napa County.

Napa’s Vineyard Trails Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution have not forgotten them. Their heroism and valor will always be remembered. Below are the names of those local patriots who answered the call of duty and sacrificed their lives in combat.

Most of these men were right out of high school or college, responding to a call that could not be refused. Many of those who came home still wear the scars that continue to haunt them. Some have come home and been able to pick up the pieces. Many of them became leaders and successful benefactors to our County.

We thank you all, for your service, your sacrifice, and your survival. Please take a minute to say each name aloud and thank each man for his service and sacrifice.


Corporal, Tyson Vance Beall

Corporal, Ronald Allen Beardsley

Private 1st Class, Michael Richard Bishop

Private 1st Class, Robert Henry Buehler

Major, John V Callanan

Sergeant 1st Class, Louis Castro

Petty Officer Michael, Roy Clasen

Private 1st Class, Robert Lee Coonrod

Staff Sergeant, Arnold Jay Ferrari

Staff Sergeant, James Patrick Francis

Specialist, Steven Gary Hicks

Specialist, Jack Daniel Lanelli

Chief Petty Officer, Patrick Dale Moriarty

Private 1st Class, Ricky Alan Myers

Sergeant, Jerry Wayne Ofstedahl

Specialist 4th Grade, Lawrence L Petersen

Specialist, Gary Wayne Rodrigues

Sergeant, Lawrence Robert Shepard

Specialist, Thomas Joseph Silva

Sergeant, Charles Hansen Vesey

Chief Warrant Officer, Alwyn Williams

Private 1st Class, Edward Warren Woodruff

Private 1st Class, Douglas Paul Zerba

St. Helena

Private 1st Class, Robert Edward Jr. Flannery

Private 1st Class, Dan Stephen Long


Corporal, Michael Elkinton

Corporal, Jimmy Lee Fisher

Sergeant, Stephen Lance Townsend

Napa’s Vineyard Trails Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution


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