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3rd Annual The Napa Table

Saturday, June 8 at 5pm

The 400 tickets to the 2023 Napa Table, only the second year it was held, sold out in just a day and a half. Why, you ask?

“It’s a party with a purpose,” said Peter Triolo from Archer Hotel, “and a great party at that.” Peter is also President of the Downtown Napa Association (DNA), which organizes the event, and is very involved in every aspect of it. “Where else can you sit down at a 250 foot-long table with 400 friends and enjoy great food from half a dozen quality restaurants, dozens of amazing wines, entertainment, and raise over $50,000 for the Food Bank?” said Peter. “The Napa Table has a tremendous community feel. You’ll run into lots of people you know, and if you don’t know anybody, you definitely will before the night is over.”

Tickets will again be $295, and go on sale at 12 noon on April 1. Use the QR code shown to order. And seriously – don’t put it off thinking you can get tickets the following week.

While some aspects of the event, including a new location on Main Street, will be different, much will remain the same. “We asked a lot of people what needed changing,” said Peter. “What we heard was, ‘If it isn’t broken, why fix it?’”

The event begins at 5PM on June 8 with a reception at Arch and Tower, at the corner of Third and Soscol. It’s a beautiful stone building situated right on the Napa River, directly across from Veterans Park. “The Arch and Tower folks will pour celebrated wines, paired with delicious hors d’oeuvres,” said Bill LaLiberte, the Executive Director of the DNA. “It will be both indoors and out, with the Napa River serving as back drop for both.”

At 6 PM, the crowd will cross the Third Street Bridge to Main Street, where the Napa Table will be set. “The full menu with a vegetarian option will be on the website, but we can promise you a meal to remember from some of the best restaurants in in Downtown Napa,” said Bill. “Last year we served both plated and family style, which was well received. And this is Napa after all, so you know the wines will   be exceptional.”

A short, live auction, featuring Liam Mayclem as auctioneer, will take place during the dinner service as well as an online auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Food Bank. “I may be shooting too high, but I’d love to see us double last year’s Food Bank donation,” said Bill. The online auction items will be at, so people can view and bid beforehand. “Timewise, the live auction is a small part of the event, but very important,” said Bill. While most of the ticket sales will offset event costs, some will help fund the Napa Christmas Parade. “It’s all part of the community aspect of the Napa Table.”

As soon as dinner is finished, diners are invited to continue the evening in Veterans Park for more dessert and wines. DJ Adam will provide music that will have you dancing, or you can enjoy visiting with fellow guests. It will be the perfect cap to fine evening. 

None of this would be possible without the support of The Table’s generous Premier Sponsors. Both the downtown property owners, through the Property and Business Improvement District, and the City’s lodging establishments, through the Tourism Improvement District, have generously supported The Napa Table for all three years. “It’s one of the things I love about Napa,” said Peter. “When there is a need, everybody steps up to help. It’s even better when we can have a good time doing it.”

The Napa Table  |  Saturday, June 8 Tickets on Sale April 1  |  $295 each

Use QR Code or visit



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