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Two Walks, A Talk, & Some Local Tales of Terror

It is the haunting season! Napa County’s other spirits hope to cast some extra enchantments upon you.

To that end, there is an upcoming trio of beguiling events, including Napa Library’s 11th Annual “Spooky Napa” on Thursday, October 24. Adding to this bewitchment are two new Napa County Landmarks walking tours, “A Haunting We Will Go!” on Sunday, October 13 and Saturday, October 26.

The fright-fest for this spook-tacular trio is presently ensconced in the other realm. But with fiendish delight, the disembodied are most willing to summons up some other ghostly Napa Valley tales to enthrall you.

The Rebobs and Other Horrors

Purportedly, Rebobs are bazaar genetic freaks – being half human and half gorilla with long fangs and claws, as well as, a pair of large wings. They also crave the blood, flesh and bones of young lovers.

This horrific fragment of Napa Valley lore claims that the Rebobs menace at the western end of Partrick Road, near an old cemetery. (Today, this private property is fenced off!) Beginning in the 1950s, high school aged couples drove up to this creepy “Lovers’ Rendezvous.”

The legend states as those couples’ passion grew, so did their blissful ignorance of their surroundings and impending doom. Taking advantage of the situation, the Rebobs suddenly and swiftly attacked, using their deadly claws to rip open the vehicles and devour the young couples.

News of the gruesome events rapidly consumed the local students. But the curious, fool-hearty and/or arrogant humans who dared to venture into the Rebobs’ lair to “investigate,” also endured another menace. They recalled, while exploring the old graveyard, an ancient and frightful looking man carrying a shotgun appeared out of no where. He then aggressively chased them out of the cemetery. But, their escape was a frightful flight and fight as the ground sank, almost swallowing their feet. The final terror was seeing the ghoulish watchman suddenly vanish.

The Menacing Highwayman

Since the early 1900s, and at night, the remote road between Berryessa and Knoxville has proven to be heart-stopping for some unlucky mortal drivers. These shaken victims recalled when a ghostly highwayman astride his horse, suddenly appeared in front of their vehicles.

Both apparitions emitted a creepy greenish glow. Also, even on summer nights, they exhaled foggy breath as if it was a cold winter’s night.

At first, the highwayman had his head down as if to shelter his face from stiff winds. But he quickly lifted his head to stare at his intended victims with his vacant, but menacing black orbs for eyes. Concurrently, his horse, with its wild black orbs for eyes, became restless – tossing its head, causing its bridle to jingle, and leather saddle to creak.

Then, the highwayman pointed his shotgun directly at the mortals. In a split second, the ghostly pair charged towards the humans, who reported hearing the horse’s pounding hooves. And just as the highwayman pulled the trigger of his shotgun, the frightening apparitions disappeared, but not before the sounds of bullets fired rang out. Simultaneously, the humans also heard the highwayman’s unearthly laughter.

A Terrifying Trio

Some local dwellings harbor malevolent entities who terrify the mortal occupants. One couple can attest to this fact.

It seems three times a year – twice in the spring and once in the fall – fury would break out in their house. It would begin with cackling so loudly it was ear-piercing. The disembodied terrorists quickly escalated their assaults – hurling objects, overflowing toilets, bursting pipes, causing dangerous furnace and air-conditioner malfunctions, and so much more. The energies of these menacing female poltergeists were so hateful, the couple argued constantly.

Desperate to save their lives, the couple sought out the truth about this demonic trio. They discovered one of the three very judgmental and vindictive women lived in the house with the other two, visiting constantly. When alive during the 1920s, these 50-something beasts took great joy in wreaking havoc, destroying friendships and even lives. In fact, they tormented and vilified one down-on-her-luck woman so severely, she committed suicide.

That was the beginning of the end for the wretched women, as they ultimately turned on each other. They had a horrific fight in the house. Shortly thereafter, they all died. One died from her alcoholism. The owner of the house dropped dead from a heart attack caused by her obesity, horrifying temper and hypertension. The third one died from a stroke following one of her many fits. But, as ghosts, they would return to the house three times a year to celebrate their respective birthdays and terrorize the mortal inhabitants.

Armed with the truth, the couple openly spoke of the entities’ wretched acts to hopefully defuse their wicked powers. Over time, the assaults did stop as did the vulgar, ear-piercing cackling. Eventually, the couple heard three weak female voices apologizing, begging for forgiveness and uncontrollable sobbing. To their former tormentors, the couple replied, “This is your karma!” With that, the three once-wicked women vanished for good.

Spooktacular Events

“Spooky Napa” is a free Napa Library program hosted by Rebecca Yerger on October 24 from 6 to 7 pm. For more details, please call 253-4235 or visit

The Napa County Landmarks sponsored “A Haunting We Will Go!” walking tours will be held on Sunday October 13 from 10 am to noon in Calistoga, and Saturday, October 26 from 4 to 6 pm in Downtown Napa, led by Rebecca Yerger. Advanced tickets and Landmark members are $15 per person; $20 for non-members. For more information and tickets, please visit or call 255-1836.


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