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Soda Canyon Store & Vineburg Deli

We decided to visit two local delis and serve up some food for thought. Our first afternoon excursion began as a mystery to us. We chose a place none of us have been. One thing was certain, we found some good food!

The first day, we headed up the trail, Silverado Trail that is—two miles north of Trancas Street—to Soda Canyon Store. It’s the the only deli you’ll find on the trail until you hit Calistoga. The barista cheerfully greeted everyone that came in the door. The aroma of the espresso bar caught our attention right away. The menu highlighted a plenitude of coffee selections, hot, iced, and frozen. This is also where we found sweets and local baked goods from Buttercream Bakery and Sweetie Pies.

The country feel of Soda Canyon Store fit the bucolic surroundings of rolling vineyards nestled on the east side of the Valley’s two-lane highway. Inside, there were vintage, square-top tables with decorative chairs which offer a casual ambience and cool place to sit for lunch. Outside are a number of patio tables,, shaded by umbrellas, were available for al fresco dining. This quaint, country store served more than one purpose, we found picnic supplies, clever and thoughtful Napa Valley souvenirs, visitors or locals alike will be charmed as they peruse the shelves.

Back to the lunch order . . .

Each person behind the counter was engaged in preparing food and filling orders. An atmosphere of camaraderie was evident as they chatted. Hot, prepared foods filled the air with a delicious aroma. The menu above the deli case, in the back of the store, was the focal point for our hungry group. The cold, deli options and salads, on display in the pristine glass case, made for mouth-watering decisions, it was hard to choose; we had to start somewhere.

There’s a list of ‘Special Sandwiches’ ($9.99) to choose from, or if those don’t strike your fancy, you can build your own! It was perfect weather for a cold sub. “Smoked turkey on a soft sour roll please,” said our hungry friend. The ‘Make Your Own’ ($7.75 - $8.75) comes with a variety of condiments including: lettuce, mayo, mustard, pickles, tomato, onion and others to choose from. Our friend was also in the mood for coleslaw on the side (make it a meal for $9.25). The Cole Slaw was traditional, made with: cabbage, seasoned mayo, onion and carrots, the crisp vegetables were sliced just the way you want them, not too coarse, not too fine.

Our next local in line ordered herself a ‘hot Pastrami’ ($8.75). The hearty sandwich was served exactly as ordered—warm, on a soft roll with dill pickle, Swiss cheese and mustard, and she chose Potato Salad as a side. The ingredients were the same as if we’d made it at home: with mayo, a touch of mustard, pickle, onion, egg, celery and a hint of spice going on––the potatoes were cut small, allowing all the flavors to shine.

The next person in line ordered a Burrito (w/o meat - $6.75, with meat - $7.75), a large, warm flour tortilla was pulled from the steam table and filled with a few options from the list: Mexican rice, shredded beef, refried beans, pico de gallo, cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. It was more than enough to fill an empty stomach!

An extensive and varied selection of wines and beverages are sure to capture a thirsty traveler’s attention as they make their way back toward the cashier at the espresso bar.

The friendly staff, appetizing menu, and fun gift shop items are a great reason to put Soda Canyon Store on the ‘go-to’ list for locals and visitors alike!

One week later, at Vineburg Deli - New to Napa . . .We were heading up Monticello Road toward Lake Berryessa and stopped at Vineburg Deli, just south of Atlas Peak Road. These hungry locals decided it was a good place to gear up for our day out. We left town at noon thinking it would be too late to get breakfast. Thrilled to hear the they serve breakfast until one in the afternoon––our reaction, “Yes, please!”

This place had a homey feel to it from the second you walked in. The staff was very welcoming and alert, and made sure they were ready to prepare your order. Communal tables and tall stools inside invite diners to join them for a meal. A set of benches outside the storefront allow for shaded, fresh-air seating.

First up to up bat was our Eggs Benedict aficionado. We are creatures of habit and with this group, once someone orders an Eggs Benedict ($12), the rest fall like dominoes. “I’ll have the same, muffin on the side, and a slice of lemon.” We’re picky and have perfected our order to ensure optimum enjoyment. For the first time in a very long time—asking for lemon on the side was unnecessary. The house made Hollandaise had the citrus tang we crave and have found lacking elsewhere. The breakfast was complete with a generous serving of Country Potatoes which reminded one gentleman of his mom’s classic recipe for Potatoes O’Brien: a hint of peppers, and onions, seasoned well and served piping hot. We thought Vineburg Deli’s Eggs Benedict were among the best we’ve had and all of us considered this dish a home run.

One lady let her sweet tooth get the best of her, and she ordered the French Toast ($9). A generous serving arrived; four slices of egg battered french toast were dusted with powdered sugar, scattered with fresh blueberries and topped with large dollops of whipped cream and maple syrup was brought on the side. It didn’t last long.

Before heading out for our day at the lake, we had to grab some lunch to go. The deli features ‘Vineburg Specials’, daily renditions ($8.95-$10.75) offering an array of choices. They also have their own ‘Vineburg Signatures’ sandwiches ($8.95) made to order. Each one prepared as expected, cut in half and wrapped well, labeled with our names. We ordered a tri-tip sandwich ($9.75) from the ‘ready-made’ case. The Dutch Crunch roll was filled with rare, thinly-sliced tri-tip, hickory-smoked cheddar and a tangy Vineburg House Sauce, which kept us daydreaming of lunch—all the way to the lake. A variety of side dishes rounded out our picnic. The Broccoli Salad, BBQ Chicken Salad and the Asiago Pasta Salad were tasty options, available in a variety of sizes. Fresh cut fruit and and other healthy, grab and go items are quick, handy choices for hungry kids, as well. Hot and cold coffee beverages range between $1.45 and $4.35 for a large specialty mocha or latte.

If you are looking for a caterer for your house party or casual gathering, Soda Canyon Store or Vineburg Deli would be a great choice. Give them a call, plan your menu, and when you hang up, you’ll know the details have been handled. Their care is evident by the attentiveness they show their guests. Now, go outside and enjoy our beautiful Napa Valley weather, grab something to eat from one of these two tasteful, local options. You’ll find yourself heading back before you know it!

Soda Canyon Store | 4006 Silverado Trail | 707.252.0258

Vineburg Deli | 1810 Monticello Road | 707.690.9782


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