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Lakeside Grill at Vintner’s Golf Club

These hungry locals decided on a different approach for excursion number three––this time we went to one of our favorite spots, familiar to our group, except one. Lakeside Grill at Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville has been on our lunch list for a long time. It’s an easy walk, drive or bike-ride from Napa or Yountville, especially considering the Vine Trail leads right to the front door.

The indoor dining area is a large club room where golfers mingle and check in for tee times. Sports can be expected on the dual-screens in the bar, which seats about ten at the counter. Lakeside Grill has a full bar with reasonably priced beverages, and the cocktails are always made well.

Outside, of course, was our choice, and the sights do not disappoint. The patio looks out over an expansive, well-maintained golf course––the surface of the pond shimmered as the fountain in the middle showered birds that chirped and fluttered; the Mayacamas Mountains present a view to behold.

Our server greeted us and made sure we were comfortable with the umbrella shade, it was a warm day. The patio quickly filled with guests to make for a busy lunch shift. The menu is straightforward, American style food with appetizers, soup, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and the like. Amazingly, he took the orders of everyone at the table and did not make a single note. After we placed our order––he repeated each person’s order back to them, flawlessly, after he got the nod of each he went on his way. It was impressive. Not one item ordered was missed––and we were a large group!

Now to the food––sharing, as we always do. Starters for these hungry locals were the Fried Artichokes and Prawns ($16). Fry us up some artichokes and prawns, please! These were phenomenal; each piece was thoroughly dredged to create a crunchy texture. The artichoke wedges were fried until tender and were crisped without a trace of oil left behind. The prawns were succulent and flavorful. The spicy chipotle aioli––that came on the side––was mouth-watering. The Vintner’s House Salad ($9)––you know the saying, the simpler the better? Well, the house salad was simple, yet very brightly colored and fresh, made with: green and red leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, red onion, julienned carrot strips, and tasty croutons, which were the perfect topper. Two people ordered Tortilla Soup (cup $5, bowl $7), which came with fried tortilla strips and a dollop of sour cream, warmed sourdough bread and butter were served on the side. The order of wings was one of the favorites, crunchy on the outside and tender inside––there were plenty to go around. They came with a barbecue sauce and ranch dressing ($12). The Soft Tacos were served with chicken, carnitas ($4), steak, fish, or shrimp ($5), and accompanied with house-made salsa, guacamole and sour cream. We ordered two fish, a steak and a carnitas; they were satisfying and hit the spot.

We made quick work of the first course of items, and the generous portions made us wonder how we’d finish the rest. Everything was well-prepared, and as we mentioned earlier––not an item was missed. The Southwest Burger ($14) was juicy with all the usual trimmings, and on a soft bun. We ordered garlic fries on the side, which were topped with parmesan and parsley. Entrées come with a choice of fries, soup, or side salad––for the special garlic fries, add $1. Breakfast is served on weekends until 11am. The Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns is our favorite!

Lakeside Grill hosts special events, and weddings. We’ll give you a head’s up––on weekends, they may be closed early for a private event. The capacity of the restaurant is between 50-200 people. If it’s windy, service may be limited to inside. If you are looking to reserve the spot for a Saturday wedding, requires a minimum of 100 guests. Their website is active and lets you check availability for events online, or call directly for event specifics, 707.312.0990.


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