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Today’s Design Report

Sifting through all the information with which we are bombarded daily, keeps us busy and stressed. If you are considering a remodel project in 2018, however, it is helpful to cut through the chaos and isolate several key design trends.


There is a lot of talk about the minimalist lifestyle, and there are good and bad elements to this approach. Even if you aspire to the “less is more” life, the kitchen still needs to function and be a warm inviting place. We spend most of our time with family and friends in this space, but we can derive inspiration from minimalism to maximize and streamline the space. White conveys minimalism because it feels clean and simple, but you would not want it to take over your space and look sterile. By adding natural woods as part of the design, it softens the overall feel and would easily merge with other living spaces which is key as open floor plans are popular. Another design element would be to use black as a counterpoint to white, to make a dramatic statement.

Scandinavia Another influence lends an eye towards Denmark and Norway and the use of simple design lines and color stories of white, grey, taupe, and touches of charcoal popularized in these regions. Pops of color are used as accessories to warm up the design. This look fits easily into plans intended to simplify and declutter with more contemporary designs.


As styling keeps with the more contemporary touches into 2018 we have noticed slab or flat-face doors gaining steam, while shaker-style cabinets remain a classic. Wood-Mode custom cabinetry offers many types of wood and laminates. The new trend is the way that the wood and paint are combined. Rustic woods with white offer the clean lines and simple finishes that clients are seeking. Both wood and paint surfaces can be combined, even in the same cabinet. Open shelves create a way to show color and still have your favorites within easy reach. Elaborate crown moldings are now left behind, another sign of the contemporary design trend. Even with new trends, kitchens need better storage options which can be achieved with a variety of pantry ideas depending on your space. Tech stations within drawers can keep the counter free of clutter. If you prefer to not touch the garbage can cabinet while your hands are wet prepping chicken, a servo system can be installed inside so the cabinet opens automatically with a touch.


While granite and marble are beautiful and classic materials that will never go out of style, they do require routine sealing to minimize staining. The material that has been trending, due to its easy care properties of not requiring a sealer, is quartz. Quartz slabs from Ceasarstone, Cambria, or Silestone have the highest quartz content and have national reputations and warranties. Due to the popularity of quartz, many new vendors are popping up on the scene. However, we are seeing signs of stress in some products. To maintain the properties, a certain percentage of quartz is required and some newer products have less quartz and added fillers. It might be a less expensive product, but if it does not hold the properties you prefer then it is a waste of money. Some companies are putting sand in the mix ,and the quartz is lowered to less than 90% which will result in stains and marring. Purchase a reputable product that will stand up to the company warranty. Quartz is popular because it does not have to be sealed, and it will not stain like marble and granite. The quartz is compressed to make a solid impenetrable surface that will not let liquids seep below the surface.

Color and Finish

As we know white and grey have been great influencers in 2017. Now in 2018 we are seeing color adding into the mix. Teal and a variety of blues are evident in lamps, pillows, dishes, tile and even cabinet accents. Akdo has introduced a tile, Tidal Blue, that has the teal hue accented with gold trim. It can be used in the bath or kitchen, adding a fresh and bright note to the white and grey that we love. The other key direction that is creeping into our vision is burnished gold in knobs or pulls, as well as in faucets or lighting. It is not the bright brass of long ago. Do not fear, this can be an accent to warm up the neutral foundation of your home.

Metals can be mixed too. Even if you have stainless appliances or faucets, having a soft warm tone for hardware looks great. Black can play well with light color woods in the tile or cabinets, but the newest look is black faucets and hardware. Check Brizo for faucets with black and gold combined, and Top Knobs has knobs and pulls in both graphite black and burnished warm gold.

Bath Trends

Vanities are floating along, with furniture style options. Storage remains important for charging or the use of hair tools. Tiles are larger, which is great for less grout joints which seem to be the bane of many. As we tighten the joints, grout can be sourced that has sealers within, or the use of other high-performance grouts are available. Novelty artistic tiles are great as a feature wall or floor, inspired from countries such as Spain and Morocco. Curbless walk in showers are the name of the game, twinned with a safety grab bar and minimal plumbing designs.

Visit our showroom to see these latest trends! We have all the products available throughout our showroom and have been in Napa since 1986.

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