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SMILE! with Cooke Orthodontics

Do you LOVE your Smile?

Does your child have CONFIDENCE in their smile?

Does having straight teeth without wearing braces sound more FUN?

If you want to shout yes to any of these questions then you should stop by our office to say hi to us! Dr. Cooke and our team strive to make every experience with the community and our patients happy and fun, making sure all our patients leave with the confident smile that we all deserve.

Dr. Cooke is the only elite Invisalign provider in the county, completing over 900 cases with patients of all ages.

Teens are forever taking selfies trying to get their friends “likes” or some great comments on their page, giving them a moment of feeling amazing about themselves. Hiding from your peers is virtually impossible this day in age with all the social media out there.

Did you know that 90% of teens feel judged by their peers and 56% are worried about their looks on most days? It’s easy to stay stylish by buying the trendy clothes all our kids want, providing them with a glimmer of self confidence. However, having a beautiful smile gives them confidence they can carry with them forever no matter where life takes them!

As parents, we are always putting our children first making sure that all their needs are met, but it is so important for us to lead by example. We can’t tell you how many times we hear parents who bring their child in for their complimentary exam saying they wish their parents had done the same for them when they were young but now it’s just too late…it’s never too late to be the best you that you can be! You deserve it!

Invisalign has become such an amazing orthodontic option for all ages because it’s practically invisable and very easy to use. There are no pokey wires to worry about and no visible metal to look at. With all of the multitasking and running our kids here, there, and everywhere it’s hard to make it to an appointment once a month, with Invisalign we usually only need to see you every 10 weeks!


Our team treats our customers like we treat our family, only recommending treatment options we would consider for ourselves and our children. We are here to provide honest answers and honest opinions.

We believe that not only is it important to build relationships with our patients and their families, it is also important that we build relationships with each other. We are friends that care about each other and are comfortable enough to let our quirky hangout, and our patients can feel it! We know we can rely on each other and have confidence in each other’s abilities. Whenever you walk into our office we strive to provide you with not only the best treatment but also good music, fun, laughter and all around good time.

Smiles 4 Success

Our team loves our community and we are always looking for ways to give back. This year we have created a new program, Smiles 4 Success. This program is designed to help high school students who may not be able to express their feelings at home about their lack of confidence. Teachers are often times the ones teenagers turn to in times of need when they can’t turn to someone at home. This program allows teachers to recommend a student to the principal of their high school to be a part of Smiles 4 Success. Each high school principal will choose 2 deserving students per year to receive orthodontic treatment compliments of Dr. Cooke!

We are getting ready for our 3rd annual School Supply Superhero drop offs… follow us on instagram and facebook to see where we may stop! Our teachers work hard to keep all their students and parents happy and feeling loved and empowered, this is our small way of saying thank you and we support you!

Our team is waiting to meet you and make a difference in your life, call us today for a complimentary consultation (707) 255-4400 or visit our website Dr. Cooke and her team are always out and about in the community so if you see one of us don’t forget to come over and say hi!

3392 Solano Avenue | Napa | 255-4400 | We see patients 4 days per week, 7am to 5pm. We are closed on Mondays.

Photo credit: Lisa Fonville | Hemlock House Photography


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