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Dancing Horses - To Help Napa County’s Hungry at Hands Across the Valley

Centurion XII and Emperador - Two magnificent stallions will dance their way into the hearts of cheering crowds to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Hands Across the Valley fundraising event, Saturday, September 9 at Charles Krug Winery.

Centurion XII has the charm of Fred Astaire, the rhythm of Michael Jackson, and the unbelievable hip action of Miss Jennifer Lopez!

Celebrity Crowd Pleasers

“This year, we are excited to introduce the talented Latino singing equestrian performer Julián Figueroa to the event,” announced owners, George and Nancy Gamble, “He has an incredible family history in the music world. His late father was the great Joan Sebastian who wrote and sang some of the most famous Latino ballads of all time and Julián is now performing his father’s songs as well as his own.”

“Our award-winning trainer, David Rodriguez, will be performing an encore production number on our dancing horses that will surely leave you wanting more.”

“Hands Across the Valley has been near and dear to me for 25 years,” said Nancy Gamble. “As celebrity coordinator and board member, my job has been to bring in the movie stars, including Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall, Rob Schneider and Ed Asner, to name a few. This year Patricia Mayo Schneider and Julián Figueroa are celebrity guests, with more to come. The stars will also include Centurion and Emperador and our new horse, Principe!”

“To date, our dancing horses have raised over $75,000 with their choreographed dance routines to help feed our community. Last year, they raised $34,000 dancing to Disco Inferno.”

Merging Cultures

“Dancing horses have been in the Latino community for years and this year for the first time we will combine Latino and American cultures with the music of ‘Banda’ as well as American music.”

Signature Song for Good Reason

“Centurion dances to James Brown, Get Up Offa That Thing,” explained Nancy. “That song is dear to me because in 2008 I was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, and as I was recovering, I watched Ellen DeGeneres dance to this song many times.”

“During my months of recovery, this song would help inspire me to be motivated to: Get up offa that thing and in time, I did feel better and better and better!” I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but that song inspired me to keep moving.”

“Before we bought Centurion XII, he had been abused, starved and was near death. He too had overcome a near death experience and that song has become the signature song for us both. We are both thriving, I’m cured and Centurion is our new star helping our community feed our hungry at Hands Across the Valley. So, everyone Get Up Offa Your Thing and join us September 9th.”

Care and Training

Care and the training of the horses are done every day. The stalls are cleaned twice a day, the horses groomed, exercised, and trained. They are never abused. They have the best alfalfas, grains, and are top of the line horses with top of the line care.

The horses love what they do. Their passion is dancing. They hear the crowds cheering and perform even better.

Photo Op

People love the horses for their beauty and their gentle nature. At Hands Across the Valley, you can have your picture taken with the horses and pet them. They are combed and groomed, and looking gorgeous with their long, flowing hair!

A Children’s Book with a Lesson

The Gamble Ranch Presents Centurion and Emperador is a children’s book that was written by Rob Schneider, the actor and his wife, actor-writer, Patricia Mayo Schneider with illustrations by Disney creator, Francisco Herrera.

Two baby horses were adopted by a farm duck that taught them they could do anything they wanted, once they found their passion. They tried horseracing and failed. The other horses made fun of them because they were different.

They were bullied by the other horses and were very sad at the racetrack. So when dancers at the fair did not show up, the band played and Centurion began to dance. So Centurion and Emperador found their passion and to this day, they share that joy!

The moral of the story is to find and embrace your passion. With support from a mother, aunt, grandmother or friend, you will find encouragement to be successful in life.

Centurion and Emperador children’s book is available at Amazon:

Close to the Heart

“The love I have for these horses is similar to the mother duck,” said Nancy Gamble. “I don’t have children of my own, but I adopted Centurion and Emperador. I feel a mother’s love and how proud a mother can be of her children.”

“I am thankful to Charles Krug Winery for providing their beautiful site and George Altamura, President and Founder of Hands Across the Valley for his 25 years of dedication and generosity helping those in need of food in Napa County, in making this event so successful.”

“Thank you, George, from the thousands you have helped provide food for in Napa County and thanks to the members of the Board of Directors, past and present, that I have had the pleasure to serve with for the last 24 years,” added Nancy White Gamble.

– 25th Annual – Hands Across The Valley

Sat., Sept. 9 4 pm to 10 pm

Charles Krug Winery

2800 Main Street, St. Helena

Raising Money for Community Action Napa Valley - Food Programs in Napa County

General Admission $125

Sponsor Tables: $5,000 & $10,000

Tickets online

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