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Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Napa County’s Love for Animals, Sustained through Jameson Rescue Ranch.

If you think that the Napa Valley is only all about food and wine, think again! Napa County is also a region, and community, filled with animal lovers. As a reflection of this love for animals, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR), a 501c3 non-profit based in Napa, was founded in June 2014 by Monica and David Stevens of 750 Wines. JARR is a no-kill rescue and sanctuary for companion and farmed animals in need, providing temporary and permanent shelter, adoption and rescue services. The organization also provides education, animal advocacy, and is committed to helping end animal hunger, cruelty, and overpopulation.

JARR fulfilled a lifelong dream of Monica Stevens. It wasn’t until she moved from Chicago to the Napa Valley, to pursue her passion for wines and meet David Stevens, the love of her life, did the dream turn to reality. Named after the couple’s rescued Great Pyrenees dog, Jameson, who died at the age of 14, the rescue organization has gone from strength to stronger.

“I often reflect on the early days of JARR. Little did I realize the incredible need for our programs, services and compassion,“ said Co-founder, Monica Stevens, “I am deeply grateful that JARR is able to provide for so many.”

In January, JARR opened a cat adoption “lounge” in Napa called, Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar. The ribbon cutting ceremony was officiated by Napa Mayor Jill Techel, and Napa County Board of Supervisors members Alfredo Pedroza, and Diane Dillon. Staffed by an exceptional, small army of dedicated volunteers, the adoption lounge has been incredibly successful adopting out 20 cats in two months to loving homes. Located at 1009 Caymus Street in downtown Napa, open four days per week Friday through Monday, guests are invited to visit Ella’s not only if they are looking for a feline friend to adopt, but to get a kitty fix, hang out and spend some time reading, or just being with the cats.

“We are moved by the number of repeat visitors and their desire to spend quiet time with the kitties,“ said Stevens.

The majority of the other companion and farmed animals JARR has rescued are in foster homes, as the organization is still looking for 30+ acres of property on which to build their state-of-the-art rescue and sanctuary. The sanctuary, designed by St. Helena-based, award-winning architect, Howard Backen, will feature a hospital and visitor center, dog and cat adoption houses, and provide sanctuary for abused horses and farmed animals. The property will also serve as an educational and resource center for JARR’s emerging program about the plight of factory farmed animals. There will also be a café on site, serving plant-based food.

“We are actively searching for the perfect home for our rescue and sanctuary in Napa County,” said Stevens, “If anyone in the community knows of suitable land please fee free to reach out to me personally at”

As part of the JARR mission to be a friend to all animals, the organization has recently been involved in rescuing two adorable pigs. Earlier this year a video of their rescued pig Lucy became a hit with the media, featured in, World Animal News and Global Animal. Freedom, another rescued pig who having escaped a close call at the slaughterhouse, was found wandering down the street in Petaluma, has since become the JARR Ambassador Animal.

JARR doesn’t stop at rescuing animals. As part of their commitment to the community, the organization works hand in hand with Napa County Meals on Wheels to deliver food and help care for the pets of elders who receive meals through the program. To date, they have 50 seniors and 65 pets who receive visits from volunteers, who deliver pet food and ensure any pets in need receive flea medication, grooming, and medical attention.

The struggling economy hits home hardest when families do not have enough funds to cover caring for their pet. JARR’s emergency fund has been vital in assisting people in need with animals in the Napa County area, metering out funds for medical expenditures and helping find homes for animals whose humans can no longer take care of them for various reasons. They have also assisted in helping people pay the landlord pet deposit amounts required to keep pets in homes, as part of their work to keep animals with their people and out of the city shelter.

JARR’s mission - in addition to ending hunger and animal cruelty - is laser-focused on ending overpopulation. Last year, JARR funded 700+ spay/neuters for pets in Napa, Solano and Lake counties. In addition to offering year-round free spay/neuter vouchers to low-income families, JARR holds free vaccination and microchip clinics where they also distribute spay/neuter vouchers.

A clinic held in American Canyon in February saw a record turnout, with people lining up before they had opened. The volunteer veterinary staff from Silverado Veterinary Clinic and JARR staff took care of more than 400 animals that day. These clinics can cost up to $30,000, and they are funded by JARR’s annual fundraiser. In fact, all of JARR’s work is funded solely by donations. Their yearly fundraising effort star event, held at Gamble Family Vineyards, is called, WineaPAWlooza. The wine auction has been listed as one of the top ten wine auctions in the U.S and is populated by world-class vintners and wine connoisseurs alike.

For more information about JARR, visit their website at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information, or questions concerning philanthropy and the land search, contact Monica Stevens as


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