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Community Spirit, Creativity, Sharing and Giving - Napa Rocks and Ripple Effects

Rocks are all the rage in Napa, thanks to Shannon Daniels who, prompted by her children’s pleading, started Napa Rocks. They discovered it in another city and loved it.

It works like this. Children and adults paint rocks. They take pictures, post them on the Facebook Group page and give hints as to where they will hide them in the community (plain sight). Others find them. The finders post pictures on the Facebook Group Napa Rocks as found. Presto, Rock Fever!

So, what’s the point?

“I like that there is something besides technology,” said Shannon, mother of three. “My children always want a tablet, a phone or an IPad! And now, they have these rocks and paints. I leave them out on the table. They tend to go to that and leave their electronics alone more often than they used to.”

“Not only do they get to paint, they also have to get out to hide them and find them. Shannon’s daughter, Carlee, age 7, likes to follow the posts and watch the group grow.

On Napa Rocks Facebook page, there’s a remarkable gallery of designer rocks by adults, and cute, kid rocks too. Close to 3,000 are currently participating. Pretty amazing.

For Lisa Lombardi, it all started when her 3-year old daughter found a painted rock. “She was so excited about it, and asked if she could keep it.”

“My friends had joined the Facebook group, Napa Rocks, and I kept following it and saw all these beautiful rocks that people were painting.”

“I saw the talent of people painting rocks and hiding them around town. So, I thought, this could be a lot of fun for the kids.” Now the kids follow the Napa Rock Facebook group to find out when people hide rocks and where. Then they can go find them.

Family fun for husbands too . . .

Lisa’s husband, Matt, got involved when someone hid about 10 painted rocks in the Bel Aire Shopping Center. Lisa knew the family could spend a good hour on this family scavenger hunt. “It’s kind of like Pokémon Go without technology. It’s real life and fun for the kids.” explained Lisa.

Creativity an added bonus Lisa’s husband announced, “We need to paint rocks too!” The family got all the supplies, gathered rocks, and started painting. Her husband has been painting the Schultz Peanuts characters because the kids adore them.

Rocks and Ripples

Lisa entertained family and friends for Thanksgiving this year and included a rock-painting project. Guests paint a rock, give thanks and give it away.

Favorite part? Painting, finding or hiding? People answered on the Facebook page.

Hiding and finding rocks is Lisa’s family’s favorite. It’s something the family can do together and be excited about.”

“I love painting. I love spreading art all over town!” said Shauna Bergstrom. “My son loves finding them. It’s fun because you find one and it’s as if you’re part of this special group of locals. It’s a community thing.”

“I like to paint and see the pictures of those little faces when they find their first rock. So cute!” exclaimed Marian Newman.

“I just love the passion and pride of all the artwork from the children to the adults! And the excitement and joy that it brings when the painted rocks are found!” reported Raquel Akers.

Christopher Sullivan is impressed that people are getting out, and away from their computers

Stephanie Bear Graham used to think painting was her favorite. And then the thrill of finding an unexpected treasure matched the joy of painting.

“I love that Napa Rocks is about pure, simple creativity and expression,” reported Jeanie Lawson. “Each rock is a gift to someone we likely do not know. Whether hider or finder, we reach one another.”

Precisely the point!

“It brings joy to anyone who participates, whether painting, hiding, finding or viewing,” added Karen Peason Frost.

Hooked & Inspired

So, guess who caught rock fever and painted a few? I bought supplies. I invited a friend. And, so on and so on; Napa Rocks. Pass it on.

Go to Facebook Napa Rocks and check out the creativity. Rock on Napa!

Find us on Facebook; Napa Rocks

How to participate in Napa Rocks:

Paint rocks. Hide rocks. Find rocks. And you don’t have to do all three to enjoy it.

Paint/Decorate a Rock (acrylic paint works great, with a top coat of Mod Podge)

• Write “Find on Facebook at Napa Rocks” on back of rock

• Post a picture and a hint to where it can be found (park, school, etc.)

• Hide rock for others to find

Found a Rock?

• Take a picture and post it so the person who hid it knows it was found.

• Easy to follow if you post your found rock under the original post as a comment.

• Keep the rock or re-hide it

• If re-hid, post a hint to where it can be found

Please follow these suggested guidelines

• Do not hide in or around small businesses unless you are the business owner.

• Make sure ALL rocks are marked Napa Rocks. If they are not marked, please leave them where you found them.

Instructions courtesy of Shannon Daniels, founder of Napa Rocks


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