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What the heck is an ESCAPE ROOM?

If you have been by River Park Shopping center in South Napa you may have been scratching your head as to what the heck The Grape Escape is. Our unique and captivating storefronts are designed to attract and bewilder passersby’s and hopefully get you asking yourself what type of business is this? Well, have you ever wished you were inside a video game, a great story, or a movie to solve mysteries yourself? Well, that has become possible with the emergence of a truly exhilarating and mind-blowing kind of entertainment: escape rooms. Stemming from video games, escape rooms appeared in Japan and China in 2007 and since then have gained an audience in the USA and Europe. Available in over 60 countries, they are attracting more and more people every day. But what exactly are escape rooms and what is so enticing about them?

Escape rooms can be described as interactive adventure games during which a set of players (usually between 2 and 8 people) are locked in a room and have to solve riddles and use a series of clues in order to break out. To put it simply, escape rooms are very much like a computer game except that they take place in real life. Participants have to act quickly as the time given to “complete the mission” is limited to 60 minutes.

You might think this is child’s play but it’s not, these rooms will challenge you. Doesn’t getting away from your reality and ditching your cell phones sound extraordinary? Imagine actually interacting with your kids, friends and family without their phones, tablets, or other gadgets while having some real life fun? And yes that means you will have to make decisions using only your mind. Logic, dexterity, and ingenuity – these are what count. Be quick! The clock is ticking. With adrenaline rushing through your body your nerves are tingling. And just imagine how rewarding it would feel if your team managed to beat time and find an exit!

While playing an escape room game, one may experience a range of emotions: anything from anxiety and stress to confidence and triumph. This is what hooked Rick and I and why we felt we wanted to bring this type of venue to Napa. We did our first Escape room in Newport Oregon while on vacation with our family for Thanksgiving. Rick was definitely more apprehensive than I was since I love to play games. We had not even heard of an escape room until our cousins told us about them and noticed that there was one in the town that we were staying. It was a pirate themed room very simply designed in an office type of environment. I think we felt a little inept next two our younger, more experienced escape artist cousins. Ultimately we found the pirates bounty and didn’t have to walk the plank like others before us. But the excitement, intrigue, engaging content, and ultimately every celebrated success was so much freaking fun that we walked away hooked! We wanted to experience it again and again with all of our friends and family as soon as possible. Now everywhere we go we look for a room to conquer. Our current score is 20 successful rooms and 3 we will not discuss.

At the Grape Escape we will be offering 3 different themed rooms. Steampunk Post- Apocalyptic Kraken Casino, Uncle Tick Tock’s Circus, and our Zombie Bunker X-CAPE Z-51. They each bring a completely different immersive experience and unique puzzle solving challenges. In the not too distant future we will actually have a real life zombie added to the game which will definitely increase the difficulty of your mission. Our main goal is that your experience whether you succeed or fail your mission is a fun and exciting memory that will absolutely make you a fan of Escape Room Games and of course also make you want to come back and tackle all of our rooms. We really want people to get hooked on playing escape games and get them to start looking forward to doing more escape room adventures all over the world. And who knows, you might even strengthen your bond with your friends during the game!

Escape rooms are appearing in every city at such an accelerating speed that you will be spoilt for choice. But don’t deliberate for too long. Grab your friends and get ready for a mind-twisting scavenger hunt to feel excitement! Find out whether you have what it takes to make your escape! Trust us, having unlocked a room once, you are going to feel the urge to escape again! Concierges, tour guides, B&B owners, winery owners; you now have something else to recommend for people to do in the Valley. We intend to be another great addition to the Napa Experience. For all you locals, in case all the newly released films have been watched and none of your friends are hungry, you know what to do: book an escape room at The Grape Escape.

The Grape Escape | 1345 W. Imola Ave., Riverpark Center | Napa

Opening this summer! | 707-927-3759 |

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