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Spring Home Design Trends

Winter has turned the corner and spring is in the air! The change in season is the perfect excuse to refresh the design of your home. I am always ready to do a little updating that keeps my home fresh. Here are some simple ideas to help you refresh your home for the new season.

#1 Clear the Decks / Spring Clean

Even if you don’t want to add spring décor to your home, a good cleaning can start the new season off right. I like to clean from top to bottom, starting with the ceilings and moving down underneath the furniture. Open every window and door in the house to air it out. Hang linens and pillows outside or put in the dryer for a short time with cotton balls drizzled with a fresh smelling essential oil such as lavender or lemon.

While you are cleaning, give your house a good decluttering session. For warm weather months, less is more. Put all heavier items like fur, knits, blankets, drapes and rugs away. Clear out cupboards or your wardrobe closet. Donate the things you don’t wear or need, you will feel lighter.

#2 Bring the Outdoors In

Now that the decks are cleared, bring the outdoors in. Plants add energy to any space. Try a colorful floral centerpiece. Or, for a bold arrangement, fill a vase with some beautiful budding or green branches. Assemble pots with succulents, ornate patterned leaf plants or planted wheat grass for fresh color. A small grouping of colorful bud vases in different shapes and sizes that play off each other look great as a tablescape (when grouping items on display an odd number of items works best). If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of real plants, really high-quality faux versions that look amazingly real are available.

#3 Add Pops of Color and Pattern Through Accessories

Spring is a great time to experiment with color. Stay with your main color schemes, but try adding some more vibrant colors or patterns. Trending colors for 2018 are bright pinks, lavender, grass greens and jewel tones. This is a great opportunity to try something new without a big or expensive commitment. Clear off the coffee table and add a new bright or metallic tray with some colorful books and candles. Combine different sizes, shapes and textures to get a good balance. A few new pillows in florals, stripes or other statement patterns can change the whole look of a room. Small vases or pots, with or without plants, look great tucked between books on shelves. By using a bold statement wallpaper, you can create your own art pieces.

#4 Rearrange Art, Accessories & Furniture

When things stay in the same place for a long period of time, they can become less interesting or we begin to forget that they are even there. With a few moves and we can start to look at a piece differently without buying something new. Spring can also bring a completely different lifestyle than winter when there are more opportunities for dining outside and far less sofa time. Consider moving a chair to a sunny window for a serene reading spot, or putting a tablecloth on an outdoor table. Take a piece of art and move it to a different room or a more prominent space. Look through your bookshelves and pull colorful books for the coffee table. Experiment with things in different places. This will make you appreciate some of the things you already have, but may have forgotten about.

#5 Add Natural Pieces

Bring nature’s beauty into your décor with a mix of different woods and natural elements. Old or new woods, both reclaimed and salvaged, along with accessories in natural fibers like jute, hemp or rattan create a resort or spa-like interior. Look for woven rugs in jute and sisal, or rattan furniture and accessories to add textural interest to your home.

#6 Fresh Paint

Nothing freshens up a space like a new coat of paint. With just a bit more effort, you can change the look of a room. For a clean calming effect choose a soft shade of white. It creates a beautiful background color that you can keep soft or to which you can add invigorating colors. For a more energetic feel, a shade of green, blue, or yellow can be really inspiring. Unless you have the budget to purchase new furniture remember to choose a color that works with your staple pieces of furniture.

#7 Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a striking way to add impact to a single wall, or a small space such as a powder room, laundry room or a piece of furniture with clean lines. It can be used to add depth to your décor or make a real statement. From vivid colors and patterns to subtle grasscloth and texture, this is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Trends in wallpaper for 2018 are tropical prints, florals, geometrics, agate, umbra and neutrals with metallic patterns. There is even temporary wallpaper for renters and easy do it yourself.

#8 Dress Up a Table

Add a fun new space to dine either indoors or out. I love taking indoor furniture to use outdoors. There are no rules, just remember to bring it in if the weather changes. You don’t need to match or have spring-themed items. Adding spring or bright colors is enough to change the look. Mix and match colorful dishes, linens, and center pieces. If you have heavy linens, swap them for natural or white cotton tablecloths and napkins.

#9 Refresh Bedding

Changing out heavy bedding items and fabrics for lightweight breezy prints and textures can change your mood. Wash everything top to bottom. Air out pillows and duvets, vacuum your mattress and reset with a new color or lighter fabrics. Add colorful or fun clean-lined decorative pillows. Try some organic cotton or linen sheets. Even a good set of clean white sheets with a fresh scent can make climbing into bed a luxury.

I hope these ideas are helpful and will spark some creativity for refreshing your home for spring. Enjoy the season!

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