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Crack Up for Local Causes at Laugh Lounge 45

Laugh Lounge 45, a joint anniversary fundraising event for both Cope Family Center and Aldea Children & Family Services that will feature comedian and actor Mike Birbiglia, is set to premiere at the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at the Lincoln Theater on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

Cope Family Center and Aldea Children & Family Services have partnered for 45 years to provide essential parenting, family support and mental health services for thousands of Napa Valley families. In the spirit of their long-shared history of collaboration, and to co-celebrate four and one-half decades, these two critical Napa Valley nonprofits have created a joint 45th anniversary fundraising celebration.

The star of Laugh Lounge 45, comedian, writer, actor, and director Mike Birbiglia, is known for his highly personal approach to comedy. Birbiglia burst onto the scene in 2006 with his critically acclaimed debut, Two Drink Mike on Comedy Central Records, followed by My Secret Public Journal Live, Sleepwalk With Me Live and My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. He toured his most recent show, Thank God for Jokes, to more than 100 cities, and filmed it for Netflix. Birbiglia can also be seen as Danny Pearson in Orange is the New Black, as well as in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, The Fault in Our Stars, and in his own films, Sleepwalk With Me and Don’t Think Twice.

“Forty-five years of quality service to Napa’s children and families is an accomplishment we want to share with the Napa Valley and beyond. Laugh Lounge 45 is different than anything either agency has attempted in our 45 years. We envision it as a celebration of our community, filled with fun and laughter, highlighting the best of both organizations,” said Joelle Gallagher, Cope Family Center Executive Director.

“We also wanted to be sensitive about resources and sharing the costs of putting on such an event with another high-quality, family- and child-focused organization like Cope Family Center. It seemed like the obvious thing to do,” added Mark Bontrager, Aldea Children & Family Center Executive Director.

Both Napa-based nonprofit organizations were established in 1972 to address the growing need for child abuse prevention and mental health services in the Napa Valley, and they continue to work together to better support the needs of the community, now assisting more than 10,000 local families every year.

Cope and Aldea provide families with the opportunity to provide their children with a loving, safe home. Cope’s services focus primarily on prevention programs and community advocacy, while Aldea’s intervention services engage families that are in need of more intensive support.

A forty-fifth anniversary is a milestone for both Aldea and Cope, demonstrating a commitment to the community and ensuring service for the long-term. Such longevity would be impossible without the amazing donors, volunteers and advocates who have supported both non-profit over the years.

While general admission tickets are available, choices for the Laugh Lounge 45 full evening experience include an exclusive VIP Reception and Dinner prior to the show, as well as the Laugh Lounge 45 After Party which will include DJ, dancing, Napa Valley wines and cocktails. All proceeds benefit both Aldea and Cope.

“Our work is meaningful and important, focused on children and families that face challenging life circumstances,” said Bontrager, “This event is an opportunity to have fun, celebrate and recognize the importance of our missions.” Gallagher shared that, “Laugh Lounge 45 is different than other fundraisers in that it is truly a collaboration of our community. With over 20 different partnerships with local businesses and dozens of dedicated volunteers, it’s amazing to see our community come together to support children and families through our programs.”

Mike Birbiglia is a one-of-a-kind storyteller, yet while his jokes can require a mature perspective he does not use the level of profanity that has become commonplace in modern stand-up comedy. His show is recommended for attendees ages 16 and up. For more information about, and to purchase tickets for, Laugh Lounge 45 visit or go to

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